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Common Cents@Your Library and Smart Investing@Your Library: RSS Feeds

Common Cents@Your Library is a financial literacy information resource program provided by the Saratoga Springs Public Library. This GUIDE supports this program and is made possible by a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the ALA.

Financial Literacy RSS Feeds

Economy and Finance

These feeds focus on the bigger issues of finance and the economy, though you may find some personal investment tips as well.

  1. Moolanomy: Check out this feed to learn about everything from financial iPhone apps to how to save money on your taxes this year.
  2. Financial Samurai: This blog feed is full of news stories on the economy and its effect on groups around the world.
  3. Zero Hedge: Follow the market through ups and downs with this helpful and informative feed.
  4. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: This feed discusses the value of currencies, precious metals and a whole lot more.
  5. Footnoted: With articles on business and finance, this feed is a great place to get ideas for where to invest next.
  6. Infectious Greed: This feed will help you learn more about finance, technology, venture capitalism and more.
  7. Angry Bear: Get some insightful commentary on the state of the economy through this feed.
  8. Think Big: Follow this feed to stay current on what’s going on with world markets.
  9. The Big Picture: Here you’ll find some investment advice as well as news stories on economic issues.

Smart Shopping

Get some advice on spending smart from these helpful feeds.

  1. Bargain Briana: From freebies to great deals, this feed is a great place to find all kinds of bargains.
  2. Hey, It’s Free!: Who doesn’t like free stuff? This feed gives you direct access to some of the best freebies out there.
  3. Consumerism Commentary: This personal finance site will help you make smarter decisions with your money.
  4. Bitter Wallet: Here you’ll find a feed dedicated to everything commercial and consumer, with news on companies to tips on buying smart.
  5. Consumer Reports: Check out this site for tips on what products are the best deal for the money and how to best manage your finances.
  6. Slave to Target: Learn about all the great items you can pick up for a steal at your local Target in this feed.

Investing Well

Learn how to make your money work for you on these investment focused feeds.

  1. Good Financial Cents: Sign up for this feed to get some free advice from Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner.
  2. Saving to Invest: This feed will help you make smarter decisions about investing your money in this economy.
  3. Plan Your Investment: If you need detailed information on everything investing–from taxes to types of funds–this feed is an excellent place to find it.
  4. Fund My Mutual Fund: Watch the value of various funds rise and fall with accompanying news stories on this feed.
  5. Thicken My Wallet: This blog is maintained by the president of an investment company, so you know you’ll be getting expert advice on the field.
  6. The Money Gardener: Learn how to make your money grow with some tips and advice from this finance blogger.
  7. Living Off Dividends: This feed aims to teach you to make your investments strong enough to provide a steady stream of income.
  8. Disciplined Approach to Investing: Follow this feed to read regular posts about smart investment decisions and market news.

Conquering Debt

Whether you have school debt or are trying to pay off a big purchase, these feeds will help you figure out how to pay it down.  

  1. Man Vs. Debt: If you’ve got a load of debt you can get advice and inspiration from this man working to pay off his debts as well.
  2. Debt Free Adventure: This feed will help you learn how to get your finances in order and on your way out of debt.
  3. Debt Kid: This blogger was over $300,000 in debt. Follow his posts on this feed to learn how he works his way out of it, slowly but surely.
  4. Engineer a Debt-Free Life: If you’re looking to lead a more debt-free lifestyle, then check out the tips and links found on this feed.
  5. Give Me Back My Five Bucks: On this feed, you’ll find a college student struggling to pay back her debts–something to which many young professionals can relate.
  6. I’ve Paid for This Twice Already: Follow this family’s feed as they attempt to live more frugally and pay off their debts.
  7. No Debt Plan: This feed will show you that credit doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you use it wisely and offers some great tips on staying out of debt.
  8. Blogging Away Debt: If you, like these bloggers, have gotten yourself into a mess of credit card debt, you’ll find some inspiration and advice on this feed.
  9. Carnival of Debt Reduction: Find links to all kinds of great posts on debt reduction through this site.

Personal Finance

From learning how to save to planning for the future, these blog feeds will help you manage your money right.

  1. The Simple Dollar: Sign up for this feed to get some practical and useful tips on how to manage your money.
  2. Bargaineering: This feed discusses personal finance issues like credit cards, investment, retirement and much more.
  3. My Money Blog: Learn more about reigning in your income and spending smart from this blog’s feed.
  4. The Digerati Life: Check with this feed regularly to get fresh ideas on saving money and planning for your financial future.
  5. Cash Money Life: Whether you’re managing the finances of a small business or just for yourself, this feed offers some essential money management tips.
  6. Free Money Finance: This informative personal finance feed will inspire you to take a long, hard look at your finances.
  7. Five Cent Nickel: Here you’ll find advice on everything from reducing expenses to finding a loan club.
  8. PTMoney: This feed offers posts on a wide range of personal finance issues and aims to create more financially savvy readers.
  9. Free From Broke: Geared towards the everyman and not financial professionals, this site will help you trim the fat in your budget and set yourself up for financial security.
  10. All Financial Matters: From budgeting to investing in an IRA, this feed covers many financial issues that are relevant to your needs.


Take a look at these feeds to get advice on cutting expenses and saving what you can. 

  1. Money Ning: From clipping coupons to saving more, this blog feed is full of ideas on how you can manage your money and spend less.
  2. Wise Bread: Learn how to make smart decisions with the money you have and live large on a budget with tips from this feed.
  3. Almost Frugal: Check out this feed for some great ideas on living on less.
  4. FruGal: Get frugality tips from a female perspective through this blog’s feed.
  5. Being Frugal: Follow along with this feed as one stay-at-home mom attempts to take care of her family on a serious budget.
  6. Stop Buying Crap: This feed puts it simply: if you want to save money, buy less.
  7. Frugal for Life: Here you’ll get some advice on spending less, saving more and getting your finances under control.
  8. The Dollar Stretcher: Keep up with this feed to discover new ways to make your money go further.
  9. Frugal Upstate: From creating a meal plan to repurposing items around the house, this blog feed aims to help you live well on a dime.

Young Money

These feeds are perfect places for college students to learn more about finances.

  1. Money Under 30: If you’re a young person searching for some financial guidance, try checking back with this feed regularly for some advice.
  2. 20 Something Finance: This feed is all about helping young people build a strong financial foundation for the rest of their lives.
  3. 20′s Money: Learn how to build your wealth and save for the future through posts found on this feed.
  4. How I Save Money: On this site, you’ll get access to a wealth of tips on saving money, paying back student debt and more.
  5. Generation X Finance: Get a leg up on your journey to financial independence with some help from this feed.
  6. Grad Money Matters: Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you’re smart when it comes to money. Don’t worry, this feed is here to help.
  7. Poorer Than You: Get financial advice geared towards college-grads and twenty-something on this feed.


Even if retirement seems like ages away it’s never too early to start saving for it, and these feeds can help pave the way.

  1. Early Retirement Extreme: Want to retire early? You can get some great advice on doing so through this feed.
  2. FIRE Finance: This feed is dedicated to helping you achieve financial independence and retiring early.
  3. Money Blue Book: Get some great tips on planning for your future on this feed.

Building Wealth

If your dream is to become wealthy or just to not have to worry about money, these feeds offer great advice.

  1. Get Rich Slowly: This popular feed offers tips on saving, investing, debt management and generally being financially savvy.
  2. I Will Teach You to Be Rich: Young people and recent college grads will find some excellent advice on this blog to help them work towards wealth.
  3. Million Dollar Journey: Learn more about building your personal net worth through saving and investing on this feed.
  4. Free Money Finance: This feed is all about helping you to grow your personal fortune.
  5. 2Million’s Personal Finance Blog: This blogger is on a mission to have a net worth of $2 million and you can follow along as he works towards this goal.
  6. 1st Million at 33: Find tips, tools and thoughts on building up a hefty chunk of change at a young age in this feed.
  7. One Million and Beyond: From spending less and saving more to making smart money choices, this blog offers tips to help you become a millionaire.
  8. The Tao of Making Money: Follow this feed to get access to posts on personal finance, fighting debt and planning for your financial future.
  9. PF Blog: Here you’ll find a blogger trying to make a cool million, with tips and advice as he goes along.
  10. Spilling Buckets: Check back with this feed regularly to see a couple trying to get rid of debts and improve their net worth.

Financial Planning

Check out these feeds for tips on planning out your financial future.

  1. My Dollar Plan: Get some help creating your plan for your financial future from this informative feed.
  2. Budgets are Sexy: This feed will teach you why creating and sticking to a budget can actually make your life better, or at least less stressful.
  3. Money Crush: Learn how to create a goal and a plan to get there from this financial feed.
  4. Everybody Loves Your Money: Read through the posts on this feed to get commentary and guidance on everything financial.
  5. Always the Planner: Follow along as this blogger tries to get her finances under control and learn from her financial plans.
  6. Russell Bailyn: Written by a NYC financial planner, this feed is an excellent place to get answers to your financial planning questions.
  7. Dough Roller: Check out this feed to learn how to save, invest and generally live better within your means.
  8. It’s Just Money: It might be just money, but this blogger talks about our obsession with it and how to make the most of what we have.

Everyday Finance

Use these feeds as a guide to your everyday spending, saving and money management.

  1. My Two Dollars: You don’t have to be a financial whiz to enjoy the news stories and tips posted on this feed.
  2. Money Smart Life: Like it or not, your finances have a big impact on the quality of your life. This blog aims to help you live better through smarter money management.
  3. Money for the Rest of Us: Find the path to financial happiness with a little advice from this feed.
  4. Blogging for Change: Learn how being smarter with your money can transform your future through this feed.
  5. Personal Dividends: This feed is chock full of tips and tools to help you tweak your personal finances.
  6. Steadfast Finances: With news stories and advice, this blog feed is an excellent source of investment and finance guidance.
  7. Len Penzo: If you’re generally pretty savvy with money but still want to learn more, this feed is designed for you.
  8. Punny Money: This feed makes learning about finances downright fun.