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Common Cents@Your Library and Smart Investing@Your Library: Investment Apps

Common Cents@Your Library is a financial literacy information resource program provided by the Saratoga Springs Public Library. This GUIDE supports this program and is made possible by a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the ALA.

Top 7 Investment Apps

Thanks to mobile technology, keeping track of your finances and the economy at large is easier than ever, even when you’re on the go. According to here is a list of the Top Investment Apps available on the market today.  These applications are free and available on ITunes.  Click on the ITunes link below each description and graphic to access the applications.


Get comprehensive access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools from the world's most trusted source. Personalize the information that matters to you most and access it instantly.


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Many apps offer comprehensive services for storing and checking investment data and updating your portfolio; SigFig is no exception. However, it stands out for going the extra mile, providing a service that could just make the app your most trusted adviser. SigFig will check your portfolio for hidden fees, overcharges, underperforming funds, and other problems that may otherwise go unnoticed, and will offer suggestions on how to optimize your gains.

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When you’re shopping for a product online and need to judge its quality and customer satisfaction, the first place to look is the review section. Whether they love it or hate it, customers will have plenty to say about their experiences, and this will often decide between buying or not. With StockTwits, you can apply the same principle, essentially, to stock investment.

The app finds and pulls out posts from Twitter from professionals and ordinary investors alike about the stock of your choice, so you can gauge its popularity before committing.

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We can’t all be financial experts. It takes a considerable amount of study and research to decipher the mysteries of the market, but without such a background certain industries make for a dangerous investment. Motif Investing lets you try out your investment strategies in a safe environment. The app uses themed portfolios to illustrate the ups and downs of niche markets, creating a valuable learning experience.

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Most of the time, what you need isn’t all the information but the right information. Too much data (or worse, conflicting data) often just leads to confusion, and following a false lead will bring trouble. Fisher Investments’ MarketMinder app cuts out all the filler and comes clean with clear, insightful commentary on the latest market events. Thanks to Fisher’s investing global research platform, you can rest assured that the app’s commentators are well-informed and on the right track.

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Personal Capital Money and Investing

Budgeting is a complex process, especially when you’ve got investments tied up in plenty of different areas and a long list of expenses to boot. Personal Capital does its part to simplify this process by giving you a platform to organize all of your investment info in one convenient place. The app’s greatest service is simple but effective; it condenses your broad financial status in its entirety into a quick, concise summary.

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