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Borrowing eBooks From the Library: Adding a New Library to Your Libby App

See All Your Books in One Place

If you have cards at multiple libraries--for example, the Saratoga Springs Public Library as well as the New York Public Library--you can now see your ebooks from all of those libraries in one place.

The shelf in your Libby app will display all of your loans and holds from every library you have added to your Libby app.

How to Add a New Library to Your Libby App

To add a new library to your Libby app, tap the Libby icon in the bottom center of the app screen:






















Select the option to "Add a Library":






















Search for the Library by name or by location. Once you have found the library and selected it, it will ask you to type in your card number for that library.






















In order to switch between searching different library's ebook collections, on your search page, tap the name of the library near the top of the page:






















This will bring up a list of all of the libraries you have added to your Libby app, and you can select which library's collection you would like to search:






















The items you check out will all show up in a single list on your Shelf.