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Crafting at Home + Creative Recycling: Intro

Get ideas and instructions for fun crafts you can do at home with supplies you already have!

Have you been stuck at home?
Need a last-minute project idea with no time to run to the store?
Want to save money on craft supplies?
Hoping to craft greener?

Craft Projects

This guide will provide you with ideas for crafts you can make with materials you likely already have around your home! Most primarily use recycled materials and common tools such as a ruler and scissors. Explore the tabs above or click the links below for craft ideas and instructions. Also check out the tab More Ideas for Creative Recycling for topical books available at SSPL.



CARDBOARD FOOD BOXES: Cereal Box Puzzles, Miniature Piñatas, Paper Beads, Woven Cardboard Baskets, Wrapped Drawer Dividers

WRAPPING PAPER: Gift Card Holders, Paper Baskets, Paper Beads, Paper Bows, Wrapped Drawer Dividers

TIN CANS: Tin Can Lanterns, Vertical Wind Chimes