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Smart Seaching Strategies: Home

Guide to smart searching in Google and the Deep Web for efficient, authoritative results. Use filters, operators, critical thinking, and searching strategies to take control of finding what you need.

Deep Web Basics

Deep Web Basics

  • The DEEP WEB is called the invisible web because it cannot be searched by search engines such as Google. It is INVISIBLE to the spider technology that searches GOOGLE.
  • This invisibility is caused by two things:
  • DEEP WEB pages are not STATIC web pages, always running, always the same. They are dynamic, created because of a QUERY from an individual. DEEP WEB sites tend to be less commercial or profit based than many surface web sites, although commerce has found its way to the DEEP WEB. Content still free to the skilled researcher is being monetized.

  • Easy examples of DYNAMIC web pages are the hits you get in a public library catalog search or the maps you get in Mapquest.

  • Reason two is that Google can only search what is linked to other sites on the web. DEEP WEB pages are not linked but available or created when you QUERY. Google cannot search beyond a QUERY or more than three pages into a site due to their indexing capacity.

    Deep Web sites tend to be less commercial or profit based than many surface web sites, although commerce has found its way into the DEEP WEB.

    Because of a higher degree of authoritative or reliable information on the DEEP WEB many colleges encourage its use for research. The same is true for researchers in any phase of life. In general terms, Deep Web sites have proven to be three times more reliable proportionately than Google retrieved sites.

    Deep Web information is expansive, almost limitless, specialized for any area of interest and worth the extra effort to search individual portals, and employ strategies to mine the Deep Web.

    Finding DEEP WEB pages can be done from the SURFACE or STATIC web where PORTALS get you into the DEEP WEB.

    Framing a QUERY once you are in these portals enables you to search the DEEP WEB site.

    DATABASES such as those available here at Saratoga Public Library are good examples of query based DEEP WEB sites.

    DEEP WEB sites are include library catalogs, online newspaper, magazine, radio or media sites, archives, primary digitized resources such as old photographs or records.

    DEEP WEB sites fall into categories based on how they are searched. Many use more than one form of searching.

    Search possibilities in the DEEP WEB include the following:

     Deep Web search engines

     Deep Web DIRECTORIES where you choose categories and then more specific categories to get to your interest area

     Deep Web branching hierarchies of related topics where you click into a DEEP level of information in an interest area you identify

     Complex lists of links to DEEP WEB sites selected for authority, quality or interest value by librarians or information specialists in some subject areas

     QUERY driven specialized sites in areas such as medicine or history

     Combinations of query/directory strategies or traditional web page buttons that respond to your choices

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Search Tools

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Deep Web Directories

Deep Web Directories

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Internet Public Library 2/ merged with Librarian’s Index to the Internet-

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Web Lens-

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Databases and Information Portals

Databases and Information Portals 

MedNar -

World Wide Science -

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Yummly -


Case Law-


Health Grades-


Rxlist- Internet Prescription Drug Index-

Million Books Project-

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Government Deep Web

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Primary Documents Links NARA etc.

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JobsNow through NOVEL NY-

New York State Nursing Home Profile-

New York State Professional Misconduct Enforcement System-

New York Free Public Records (Saratoga County Examples)-

Saratoga County Assessment Database-

Public  Records

Military Records Revolutionary  War  to Present-

New York State Library Selected Genealogical Resources-

GPO Access-

Bureau of Consumer Protection-

Bureau of Labor Statistics-

US Department of Justice- Computer Crime, Internet-Related-

Bureau of Economic Analysis –

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Library of Congress-

National Biological Information Infrastructure-

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