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Horse Racing: Fiction Books (1st floor)

General Racing Fiction

Standalone Racing Mysteries

Racing Mystery Series

Dick Francis Horse Racing Mysteries

A line of books started back in 1962 by Dick Francis and continued on by his son Felix.

Call # for all: Fict Fra Mystery (except where noted)

“A Harry Radcliffe Mystery” series by Glenis Wilson

Rider and race columnist Harry Radcliffe gets roped into dangerous detective work through his writing.

Call # for all: Fict Wil Mystery (except where noted)

“A Jack Doyle Mystery” series by John McEvoy

This series features the character Jack Doyle, an amateur sleuth in the world of horse racing. He has a new case each book.

Call # for all: Fict McE Mystery

Series by Sasscer Hill

Two horse racing mystery series, each centered on a strong female lead.

Call # for all: Fict Hil Mystery (except where noted)