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Borrowing eBooks From the Library: Borrowing eBooks

1. Browsing and Searching in Libby

To start downloading books on Libby, you can either search for specific titles, or you have the option to explore titles.

In order to search for specific titles, tap on the spyglass icon at the bottom left of the Libby app screen:






















You can then type in a title or an author to pull up a list of what is available.






















In order to explore everything the library has available, tap on the icon that looks like a building at the bottom of your Libby app:






















This takes you to your library's page where you will see highlighted collections that you can browse:






















Near the top of that page you can also narrow down where you are browsing by tapping one of the options for "just added" or "available now." Tapping "available now" for instance, brings you to a page that collects everything that is currently available to borrow and download:






















This can be narrowed down further by tapping the options for books, magazines, or audiobooks at the top of the results list.

2. Check out and Download Items

Once you have found a book that you wish to borrow, tap on the "Borrow" link next to the cover image:






















This brings you to a new screen that displays which library card you are borrowing the book with. Tap the big pink "Borrow!" button to continue:






















A confirmation page will display and the book will start downloading into the Libby app.

From this page you can open the book in the Libby app and start reading, or continue browsing for more books:






















Once you've borrowed the book, it will show up on your Libby Shelf. Tap on the icon that looks like a stack of books that displays at the bottom right of most pages within the Libby app to get to your Libby Shelf: