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Parenting: Reading

Parenting Your Reader

Easy Reader Books

We have Reading Level Books 1-3 in our Easy Reader (JE) collection. Any book in this section will be helpful for learning reading.

Level 1: Beginning Reading: 

  • Pictures tell the story.
  • Book uses simple words.
  • Book uses sight words.
  • Words may repeat.
  • Only one or two lines of words appear on the page.

Level 2: Reading with Help

  • Book uses sight words.
  • Some words may repeat.
  • More than one or two lines appear on each page.
  • Words have endings such as "s," "ed" or "ing."
  • Size of print may vary. 

Level 3: Reading Alone

  • Book reinforces sight words
  • Book uses words with more than one or two syllables.
  • Book includes a greater variety of words and uses descriptive words.
  • Words appear smaller in print.
  • Book might have chapters in which each story is longer. 


DVDs-some records do not connect directly to the catalog.

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