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Parenting: Reading

Please note that some items may be in the Children's New/Popular section.

We offer a "1000 Books Before Kindergarten: Growing Strong Readers"
early literacy program for preschool families. Registration (click on image)
or in person.


Please note that some of the books listed below may be in the Children's New/Popular section.

Parenting Your Reader

Easy Reader Books

We have Reading Level Books 1-3 in our Easy Reader (JE) collection. Any book in this section will be helpful for learning reading.

Level 1: Beginning Reading: 

  • Pictures tell the story.
  • Book uses simple words.
  • Book uses sight words.
  • Words may repeat.
  • Only one or two lines of words appear on the page.

Level 2: Reading with Help

  • Book uses sight words.
  • Some words may repeat.
  • More than one or two lines appear on each page.
  • Words have endings such as "s," "ed" or "ing."
  • Size of print may vary. 

Level 3: Reading Alone

  • Book reinforces sight words
  • Book uses words with more than one or two syllables.
  • Book includes a greater variety of words and uses descriptive words.
  • Words appear smaller in print.
  • Book might have chapters in which each story is longer. 


DVDs-some records do not connect directly to the catalog.