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SSPL Literacy Students' Creative Writing: Home

SSPL Library Literacy Services English students have rich and varied experiences. Read their poems and essays here!



Ode to my heart

Betty - SSPL Literacy Volunteer


I saw you there unexpectedly

On the ultrasound screen

Pumping faithfully away

So many years of unseen service

Taken for granted, unsung

Alive on your own

And still a part of me

Untitled, by Mariia, Ukraine

These are of those days

    when I feel lost.

There are too many feelings

   and I’m its host.

What to strive for and

   what should I do?

I’ve spent so many days and

   nights without you.

All things we shared

   had left behind

I’ve grabbed my bags

   but not my mind.

Only kids and I had escaped

   by the plane.

The world has totally changed

   since evil came.

I don’t understand

   where to move on.

How to help my kids when

   I’m on my own?

I know that I’m strong

   I just need time,

Breath in and exhale

   the sadness of mine.

Ode to Rice, by June, Vietnam


You are a seed

You are so little

But you have a magic

Make us stronger and fatter



You are so sweet

I’ll kiss you then       

Eat you and

Turn you into more kind of food



It’s you



Thanks for coming to us

And thanks to farmers

Who plant you for us to be

Wealthy and healthy.

Where I Am From, by Meliha, Bosnia

I am from the place where the Father took four children on his lap and sang,

  from the smelly kitchen were the mother prepared dinner.

I am from the place where the mother disciplined kids.

Grandpa taught you to write and read and showed you magic worlds of numbers.

I am from place where the rule was: you have to wash hands before and after meals.

The mother saw everything.

The house was full of flowers and magic smells.

Morning smells of hot milk, noon smells of tasty meats balls.

Nighttime around table everyone said what happened during day.

I am from the place where the Father, on Sunday morning, took kids to visit a museum or some exhibition.

It was a time without internet and Facebook.

We read newspapers and books, imaging how looked Alice in Wonderland.

I'm From...., by Nidia, Columbia

I am from the coffee and panela taste,

From the sunshine and the warm rain.

I am from the small but bright home with blue floor and white walls.

I am from the palmeras, guayacanes and mangos

whose long gone limbs I remember

as if they were my own.

I’m from river trips and hot chocolate with bread

from Prospero and Silvia.

I’m from dinners and table games

and from long talking walks.

I’m from pichiquita and remanita

and the song “El Patito Chiquitito.”

I’m from candles day.

I’m from Bogota and Cali,

Changua and Champus,

from travels to the beach,

hugs, many kisses

and  “I love you’s,” just because.

Where I'm From, by Lien, Vietnam

I'm From Jamaica, by Kami Young

                           I’m from Jamaica

Surrounded by water, beautiful sunshine.

I’m from Kingston,

The capital of fourteen parishes

With crafty people that make baskets.

I’m from a small area,

Grew up with my grandmother who sings and goes to church.

I’m from a loving, caring family.

We cook fish, bananas, ackee,

Drink coconut water, coconut milk, etc.

I’m from a home

That is loving – we take care of each other.

We like to laugh, walk, sing, our tradition

Is to help people, take care of neighbors.

I’m from a beautiful place

That grows trees, vegetables, and running rivers and water.

I’m from Jamaica,

A place I love to be with family,

And friends, and neighbors.