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Librarian's Guide for Real World Questions

Do you have a question or need some information and you're just not sure where to start? Check here first!

Center for Disease Control Respiratory Virus Information

NEW   CDC Guidance on Respiratory Virus

NEW CDC Protect Yourself from Flu, COVID, and RSV

NEW  CDC Preventing Respiratory Virus

 NEW CDC Immunizations for Respiratory Virus

 NEW CDC Background for New Guidance on Respiratory Infections

NEW Testing and Respiratory Virus

NEW Preventing the Spread of respiratory Viruses


CDC Streamlines COVID GuidelinesCDC is streamlining their guidance about COVID risks, how to protect themselves and others, what to do if they are exposed or get sick

Expiration Dates on COVID Tests Extended - Check Yours

CDC Help Finding Free COVID Tests with Locator

Which COVID-19 Test Should You Use? - Yale Medicine explains the different types of COVID-19 tests

NYS Exposure to COVID Guidelines Opens a PDF with detailed guide for response to exposure to COVID