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Do you want to learn English? Do you have some English fluency, but want to feel more comfortable in social gatherings? Are you wanting to improve your 'job English?' or apply for college? Let us help!

Mango Language Learning


Sign up for Mango on the homepage! Have your library card ready!

1) Click on MANGO

2) “Sign Up” with email and your password

3) Select language (“English”)

4) Select your ‘mother tongue’ from list (Mandarin? Spanish? Portuguese?)

5) Start English lessons!

Learn English and How to Become a U.S. Citizen!

Learn English for Free at USA Learns -

A List of English Learning Websites

Comments? Questions?


Mary Ann Rockwell, SSPL Librarian

518-584-7860 Extension 259

English Learning Videos


Do you know your pathway to legal immigration status?

¿Conoce su camino hacia un estatus legal?

Find out more here! Immi is a bilingual English/Spanish website.


Everyone has rights. Make sure you know yours.

Todos tienen derechos. Conozca los suyos.



Translation Websites and Apps

Help for New US Residents

For more about our English classes, go to and link to our Events Calendar to register. Or, call the Literacy Librarian at 518-584-7860, X259

know your rights! * conoce tus derechose  *

* 당신의 권리를 알고 * 知道你的權益 *





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