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2024 Rainbow Book List: Top Ten Titles

The Rainbow Book List represents an array of diverse stories and identities representing the LGBTQIA+ youth experience in books published within the last year

2024 Top Ten Titles for Teen Readers

About the Rainbow Book List


The importance of the Rainbow Book List cannot be understated, especially in a time when there is a record number of efforts to ban both materials and support for LGBTQIA+ young people and their families.

This list serves to identify appealing and high quality queer books for youth will help young people, librarians, educators, and caregivers of all kinds to connect queer readers with information and stories that are critical to their well being and growth.

The suppression of these books is a detriment to all youth, and we cannot ignore the damage these challenges are having on the young people in our society. 

This carefully curated list is offered to youth advocates working in our communities to connect young readers to the books that they so desperately need.

This collection of titles is an invitation for all readers to create a more welcoming future for everyone.

The Rainbow Book List is brought to you by the Rainbow Round Table of the American Library Association.

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Top Ten Summaries