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This guide highlights some high quality *FREE* resources to use for research. Sign in with your library card. Residency restrictions may apply for some databases.

Where do I find Saratoga Springs Public Library Databases?

WHY USE DATABASES? There is no bias results, just information.

The following video clip is from a Ted Talk given by Eli Pariser explaining how search engines, social media and ecommerce sites use your prior search history to tailor results lists when you are searching for information online which limits your results on everything you search for causing unintentional bias.

ELL Resources

You must sign up with your library card to use Mango. You can download the Mango App for your mobile device/iPad.

ELL Resources found in BrainFuse > SkillSurfer

Streaming Video Service

Overdrive and Libby Book Talk With Caitlin

BookBrowse Database for Readers

Ancestry and Geneology Resources

Ancestry Library Edition
Access to Ancestry is in-library use only.

Financial Tools

How to use Morningstar to pick mutual funds. Pub Jan 2014

Visit Morningstar by going to the library homepage > Research tab > Business section.

Valueline is updated every Friday at noon.

Educational Databases

In addition to the following resources, NOVELNY is an online library of literally hundreds of magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, maps, charts, research, homework resources, business resources and reference books that are available to every New Yorker, free of charge. All you need is your public library card, New York driver license -or- New York Non-Driver ID. Students may also access the NOVELny databases through their school or academic library.

RBdigital Magazines

Magazines and Journals

Open Source Access to Scientific Research

Grant Writing - In Library Use Only

Fun Ways to Display Content Visually - Get Interactive!

Reference and Periodicals Librarian