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Case Files: Case of the Missing Book, an Immersive Mystery Story: Case Files: Case of the Missing Book

The following case files from the Pinewood Police have been provided to detectives helping solve the case of the missing book

Start Here

Welcome Detective! 

Last Wednesday, the Pinewood County library’s copies of “The World’s Most Interesting Mystery” by famed cozy mystery author “Cher. Lockholmez" disappeared from the library. The police have called you, Pinewood’s best detective, in hopes of solving the case. You’ve been provided with everything the police were able to collect about this mystery. This includes a police report, something found at the crime scene, a security camera photo, a map of the two floors of the library, and seven witness/suspect statements from everyone in the library at the time of the crime. Using the evidence provided and your wits, can you solve this mystery? 

Note: Carefully look over each piece of evidence to solve the case. You may want a notebook or scrap paper to take your own notes. Each piece of evidence is available in two formats. You can click on the picture and read each piece of evidence or you can click on the PDF version of the evidence to read or download. If you download and print the evidence, don’t be afraid to mark up the clues using a pencil, just make sure you have an eraser handy as well. If you happen to get stuck, three hints have been provided to you in the form of a word scramble at the bottom of the page, use them wisely or try to solve the case without them.  

Best of luck! 

Pinewood Police Incident Report

Statement from Liam Jones, Library Clerk/Shelver

Statement from Jamie Woods, Youth Services Librarian

Statement from Pamela Newton, Patron

Statement from Anne Chapman, Librarian

Statement from Frank Thatcher, Patron

Statement from Isabelle Grahm, Library Program Director

Statement from the Clayton Family, Patrons

Book Cover and Newspaper Clipping


Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

The first floor of the library is pictured here.

The second floor of the library is pictured here.

Need Help? Unscramble These Hints

*Hint One* 

otw fo hte eplepo deeivnwtrei rea nlgyi buaot 


Two of the people interviewed are lying about something  

*Hint Two* 

crompae hte temliien fo hte icemr ot hte temliien 

fo ehca scuspet

Compare the timeline of the crime to the timeline for each suspect 

*Hint Three* 

crompae hte pohphgtaro ot lal scuspet sotftui

Compare the photograph to all suspect outfits

Having trouble? Using your mouse, highlight the area below each hint to reveal the unscrambled words.

Can You Crack The Case?