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Seasonal Recipes & Books on Food: Winter (Holiday)


Everyone anticipates (whether with joy or with dread!) the array of desserts that appear for the holidays. Peruse these selections for new recipes to serve up at your next cookie swap or holiday event!



The holiday season means plenty of parties, houseguests, and entertaining! Make-ahead recipes and how to cook for a crowd are stress-relieving notions for the seasonal host(ess). Try out these titles for some new ideas!



This much-cherished holiday comes with many traditions food being high on the list for some. Sample these recipes for classic tastes or to put a spin on your family’s favorite holiday meal.



Whether you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas or you simply want to experience the tastes of a holiday that is not traditionally your own, try out these recipes and guides for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa!



Even though there are fewer fresh items around, you can still enjoy the tastes of winter! Learn to extend the growing season to cook fresh and eat the produce that’s in season.



Eat what you can! Just because you can’t eat certain things doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the tastes of winter and the holidays!