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BookforumTable of Contents - July 23, 2020 | The New York Review of Books

Since its first issue in the summer of 1994, Bookforum has been staking out new territory in the world of book reviews, inviting authors to address books and cultural trends with curiosity, critical insight, and a distinctive personality. Contributors have taken on an array of topics, writing essays, columns, and reviews about fiction, history, fashion, feminism, current events, policy, bestsellers, fashion, film, music, pop culture, and personal obsessions.

The London Review of Books is a British literary magazine published twice monthly that features articles and essays on fiction and non-fiction subjects, which are usually structured as book reviews.

The New York Review of Books is a monthly magazine with articles on literature, culture, economics, science and current affairs.

BookPage Magazine (Print)

BookPage includes book reviews, author interviews, and special features highlight intriguing new voices as  well as anticipated bestsellers, pointing readers to more than 60 of the best new releases each month. It covers all genres and categories, including popular fiction, literary fiction, mystery, nonfiction, memoir, romance, audiobooks, children’s, young adult and more.

SSPL provides FREE copies monthly, available on the 1st of each month near the Henry Street entrance.

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