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This is Big, Big, Big, Mix a Batter, I'm a Little Kitty Cat: Home

This is Big, Big, Big
This is big big big.
This is small small small.
This is short short short.
This is tall tall tall.
This is fast fast fast.
This is slow slow slow.
This is yes yes yes.
This is no no no.


Mix a Batter
Mix a batter.
Stir a batter.
Shake some flour in.

Mix a batter.
Stir a batter.
Pour it in a tin.

Sprinkle little raisins on
And pop it in to bake.
Open up the oven door
And out comes a cake!


I’m a Little Kitty Cat
I'm a little kitty cat,
Nice and sweet.
Here are my whiskers
And here are my feet.
When I go out hunting, mice beware.
Or you might just get a scare!