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Biig Chocolate Cake, I Had a Little Turtle, Up the Hill: Home

Big Chocolate Cake
Big chocolate cake,
Ice cream in a dish,
Here are the candles!
Make a wish!  Blow!

I Had a Little Turtle
I had a little turtle
His name is Tiny Tim
I put him in the bathtub
To see if he could swim.

He drank up all the water
He ate up all the soap
And now he's home sick in bed
with bubbles in his throat!

Bubble, bubble, bubble,
Bubble, bubble, POP!
Bubble, bubble, bubble,
Bubble, bubble, POP!

Up the Hill
Here goes the turtle, up the hill
Creepy, creepy, creepy
Here goes the rabbit, up the hill
Boing, boing, boing
Here goes the snake, up the hill
slither, slither, slither
Here goes the elephant, up the hill
Thud, thud, thud
Oh No! Here comes the rock, down the hill
Boom, boom, boom, CRASH!