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The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

"To coincide with its new sustainability Initiative, Saratoga Springs Public Library has chosen Elizabeth Kolbert’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning title, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History as the next SaratogaREADS! community-wide reading and discussion selection... Meticulously researched, and fascinatingly told, it explores five previous mass extinction events that have led to the demise of species from dinosaurs to dodo birds (or, rather, the great auk), and rings a loud warning bell about the current rapid rate of man-made climate change and its global impact. With side-trips into astrophysics, paleontology, and evolution, this Pulitzer Prize Winner is sure to spark wonder along with the worry, and perhaps inspire work on a pressing problem." --from the SaratogaREADS! website.

You can find copies of the book in physical format, audio, and ebook by checking our catalog, and below you will find books and websites on similar topics, along with a few of the many programs being offered at the library to support this community read. Be sure to check them out!

Tie-In Events at the Saratoga Springs Public Library

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What is SaratogaREADS!?

SaratogaREADS! is an effort to "to invite all members of the Saratoga Springs community to participate in a shared reading experience, and to take part in conversations and events inspired by our annual reading selections." (from the SaratogaREADS website)

Each year a title is selected, and SaratogaREADS! schedules educational and informational programs and exhibits based around the themes and setting of the book.

Find out more on the SaratogaREADS! website.

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