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Craft-a-toga: At the Saratoga Library

Craft Blog for the Saratoga Springs Public Library's crafting series.

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Stencilled Pillow Case

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Spring crafts will be announced soon!

Beading with Sue

On January 13, Sue Lecuyer from A Bead Just So in Ballston Spa came to Craft-a-Toga to lead a beading craft. She brought examples of finished items and materials for everyone, and demonstrated how to make a simple beaded necklace.

Everyone was able to pick out their beads and silk lace colors.

Sue demonstrated how to start the necklaces.

Then everyone got to work!

Sue then demonstrated how to finish off the necklaces so that the crafters could wear them home.

Everyone was able to create their own unique piece with beads and colors that suited them best. And everyone had a blast creating wearable art!

Scandanavian Woven Paper Stars December 9, 2015

Aren't these paper stars lovely? We thought they would make great tree ornaments, or just pretty decorations to hang around the house. You could even make a bunch of them and make a mobile.

For our craft we pre-cut a bunch of paper strips from various plain and patterned paper, but we also provided additional full sheets of paper in case people needed more.

We won't take you on a step-by-step walkthrough of this craft, you can find plenty of instructions for these online (including here!), but here's some photos of our in-progress stars.

Holiday Cards November 18, 2015

After searching online for handmade holiday card ideas, we collected a variety of stamps, scrapbook paper, fabric, ribbons, templates, and washi tape, set up some example cards, and let people go!

Everyone liked experimenting with a variety of different materials and styles.

And once one person tried an idea, others wanted to try it too!

We ended up with some very cute cards that everyone was looking forward to sending to their friends and families (and luckily we avoided making too much of a mess with the glitter).

Stencilled Pillow Cases September 9, 2015

For our stenciled pillow case craft on September 9, we picked up some Tulip Soft fabric paint, some pre-cut stencils as well as a pack of plastic stencil sheets for custom-made stencils, and some foam brushes. Everyone brought their own pillow case, fabric, canvas bag, or t-shirt to stencil a design onto.

We showed some examples, but the idea was to let people be as creative as possible!

After a quick explanation of the process, we were off!

Blue was definitely the color of the day. The projects came out great, and everyone had a great time painting and chatting!

We're looking forward to our next craft! See you in October for fabric book covers!

Craft Blog

Hello there, and welcome to our library's crafting blog. It's a bit sparse at the moment, because our first class is coming up in about two weeks! The crafts that you see in the slideshow at the top of the page are photos of cute crafts that we've found online and might decide to do a class for. Once we've created our own crafts during our classes, the slideshow will feature items made right here at the library!

In this section we will post photos from the craft classes that we have conducted, along with some info about where we got the ideas and instructions, what worked or didn't work, and how we'd do it differently if we made that craft again.

On the left you will see a list of our upcoming classes. Clicking on the blue link will bring you to our calendar where you can register for that class (you must register for each individual class). We look forward to seeing you!