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Seasonal Recipes & Books on Food: Fall

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*Please note: All cookbooks are located on the 2nd floor in Non-Fiction unless they are noted as New / Popular books, which are on the 1st floor.*


Serving up a delicious bowl of warmth when the air is cool is sure to bring smiles from around the table. From classic concepts to new seasonal favorites, these recipes are great for one bowl or many and are perfect for making ahead!



From pumpkins and squash to cranberries, pears, and apples, the autumn harvest makes for one delicious bounty. Read more about your favorite fall harvest foods and try out some new recipes to celebrate the season!



There is something so satisfying about enjoying a meal from childhood amid the chill of autumn. From macaroni and cheese to homemade pie, these recipes will warm your belly and bring back some treasured memories…or perhaps create new ones!



Find out how to make fresh foods last throughout the season and beyond — as well as bring them back next year. Add to your array of known techniques or try something new to preserve your fall favorites, then enjoy them again later on.



This once-a-year holiday presents a cornucopia of unique challenges for even the experienced home cook! From planning to execution and basic tips to new ideas, these recipes will help to alleviate some of the pressure from this traditional fall feast.